Topaz Moment

Topaz Moment 3.5

Topaz Moment, Production Edition: This Windows application is...

Topaz Moment, Production Edition: This Windows application is specifically designed for video production houses and webmasters who want to turn large numbers of videos or DVDs into a database of high resolution pictures.

It uses the advanced super-resolution technologies not available anywhere else. It just may provide you with the new revenue-generating opportunities you've been looking for.

;My company's project required 1000+ dvd's to be screenshotted; we luckily found Topaz Moment and used it to batch over 250,000 screenshots in just a couple of months.

We are very impressed with the software and especially the image enhancement algorithm which is second to none. Most of the dvd screenshots turned out more like photo's than dvd video captures.

The batching process was easy, stable and has every feature you could want. This software saved us months of work and gave us better quality images than our competition.

; - Matthew Clapham, CEO, Internet Media Production, Australia. Topaz Moment Production Edtion allows you to set up batch capture jobs with hundreds of videos at a time.

It automatically captures thousands of still images at the interval you set. You can capture video frames from files in most of the common formats, such as AVI, MPG, QuickTime, RealMedia.